The Smartest Phone Speaks Only in Style

Nuclear SX is Unbelievably Rich and a Style Statement
An idea struck us some time back and the idea was to craft the rich and most stylish phone without losing out on smart features. Nuclear SX is born after meticulous planning and coming together of engineers with flawless sense of fashion.

Classy Glass Inlay
The glass inlay that you see on Nuclear SX is the sleekest you can come across, making the screen emit crystal clear images. The look and feel finesse is attributed to our fascination for features and classiness.

Perfect body, impeccable finesse
The smooth and round edges of this light hand-held device give it a compact look. Taking just 47mm X 82mm X 11.3mm space, Nuclear SX fits in your hand with ease. Conveniently weighing 155 g, this new age smart phone stands out with its lean and lustrous shape.

Glossy and Glamorous
Light and Proximity sensors find a place on top of the 5.3 inch capacitive screen of Nuclear SX. Menu, Home and back keys are clearly demarcated immediately after the screen ends. Matte finish of the back cover complements the glossy frontal texture.

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Showoff your Camera
The front camera is aesthetically positioned on the top panel of the phone with the rear camera gracing the smooth and black posterior.

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