Innovation Leads to Impression

Nuclear SX is a package of excellence.

Stunning looks, high-definition camera, excellent 3G access, top notch operating system and many more superlative features are loaded in this smartest phone.

Jelly Bean – Latest Name in Operating System

Easy multitasking is in vogue

Nuclear SX is enriched with the latest Android 4.1 operating system. Communication becomes smoother, multitasking gets even faster and application adjustments easier than before. Every activity on your phone would be distinctly customizable.

5.3 Inch (13.46 cm) Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen:

Since size does matter
5.3 inch screen is big enough to give you a canvas-like view and fits in your hand comfortably. You get to see more of a web page. Bigger space for inbox and
larger home screen area with more apps to see at one go.

Sleek and Chic Design
This smart phone is conscious about its looks. It is relentlessly thin and
eye-catching. Weighing just 155g and width much less than standard
android phones, Nuclear SX is the style statement for those who
flaunt their gadgets

Vivid and Lively
It really feels good to see crystal clear picture with remarkable
resolution. Nuclear SX touch-screen comes with impressive
life-like vividness. Every color looks strikingly sharp
with 800x480 resolution.

8MP Continuous Auto-Focus Camera– Because U Can’t Let Moments Go

High Definition Photos & Videos
Eye for detail defines and enriches a photo. 8MP rear camera in Nuclear SX with continuous auto focus and LED flash is designed to offer what every photographer strives to achieve – clarity and detailing in a photo.

Front-Facing Camera for Video Calls
Video calls over phone are no more a jittery affair. 1.3 MP front-facing camera does it for you. And quite efficiently. With real-time display and fast Wi-Fi connection, count on Nuclear SX for an uninterrupted video chatting for long hours.

Video Recording at 1080p
Record stunning 1080p HD videos that would truly reflect the occasion and the moment. You don’t have to bother about shaky footage since Nuclear SX comes with an in-built video stabilizer. This 3G phone is meant only for must-see videos.

Dual SIM, Dual Standby

Business and Private Phone at one go
Dual SIM dual standby mobile phone is fitting for this fast-paced society. With Dual SIM feature, you are in touch with your colleagues and close friends simultaneously, without keeping Business on hold.
Change of Destination Makes No Difference
With two SIM cards, you can avail the benefits of different pricing plans for calls. Frequent travelers can make utmost use of this privilege and change their SIM Cards according to the destinations and mobile data usage.

Features & Applications All The Way

Life Changing Features
More than 250 features in Nuclear SX say it all. Be it editing PDFs while you are on the move or finding the nearest Pizza joint in the middle of the night, the apps is always at your service. From health & fitness to new age games and banking to news, the apps pamper you to the utmost level.

Google Maps - Don’t Get Lost; Just Keep Exploring

Go Places With Navigation Map
Convenience is no more an option; it’s a conscious choice that you make. Nuclear SX is loaded with internet-connected GPS navigation system having Turn by Turn voice Command Navigation.

Traffic Information & Driving Directions
In-built Google maps throw up results for any business entity and places of interest. Get walking directions, routes and schedules to travel. With this high-end feature, you are given driving directions at the touch of the screen. Real-time traffic information helps you find the fastest possible route.

3G/ HSPA Network for Express Connectivity

Thanks to the advanced HSPA network that wireless connectivity works at a blazing speed. Browsing through websites, downloading documents and streaming videos become electric fast. Nuclear SX the smartest phone ever... is also enriched with EDGE network - a third generation mobile data technology.

One Phone Does Work of 20 Gadgets

Busy Life Has No Alternative
You don’t have to be resourceful to get things done at the shortest time possible. Nuclear SX has a bit of goodness of almost all high-end gadgets including laptops, HD movie camera, and webcams. You don’t need a play station separately to play games and nor you need a fax and document scanner when Nuclear SX is by your side.

No need to spend on expensive tablets, webcams, GPS Navigation, Card / Document Scanner, Dictionary because every functionality is built into it.

Dual Core Processor

Life on the fast track
Application performance turns electric fast with the 1GHZ dual core Cortex A9 processor. That means, you can look forward to better functionality and superb graphics. Work on multiple apps at ease with dual core technology.

Now, you don’t have excuses for slowing down.

Music to your Ears

Minimalistic design and maximum sound quality is what describes its in-built media player. Nuclear SX is enriched with a 3D mp3 and music player with innovative graphic equalizer. Possibly the best sound quality you have ever heard.

Highly Compatible Multi-Media Player
Multimedia player supports Mp3, WAV, WMA and host of other audio formats. You can run your choice of videos in Nuclear SX without thinking about the formats. This not only the smartest phone but also the most compatible.

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